The internal messaging system begins its tests

At the moment it is only usable by the moderators to write to other moderators. We will do a few tests and after that we will open it to other users if everything went well.

To be able to write to a user you have to go to the user profile page and there it will appear an envelope icon next to the name, clicking on it you can write a message.

Moderators can try to write me a message using this system by clicking on the following link:

Great news!

Finally! I think it is clear that this forum is little bit too simplistic in it´s current state.

when clicking the envelope in my profile page I get an error "something went wrong". OK, I usually don't sent messages to myself, but sometimes I am happy to get a message at all:-)

Effectively one of the security options is that a user can not write message to himself, the error is correct :)

Really glad to hear that this returning is in the plans, have missed it alot from the old forums

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