Runtime error?

Every time I try to play it gives me a screen that says “/“ application error. Wtf is going on with the servers right now


Ah, good to see we all have no clue. I don't know what's happening either, I just hope it stops soon because it's genuinely scaring me.

I hope it's get fixed soon


In order to assist the people that can actually help/fix this, I suggest you each give more information about your circumstances.

The issue is affecting all Quest games on the web player. The server probably crashed because it's overloaded; it will start working again when someone restarts it.

For me, the game this keeps happening with is The Melanomorphosis. it doesn't even show the loading thing, the error message pops up a few seconds after I hit the "play online" button. I also began working on my own game and though the editor thing works perfectly, when I try to play it the error screen pops up

Forgot to mention, I'm playing on a mobile device, and not sure if this is important or not but the web browser I'm using to play these is Google.

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