GitHub Link Organization

The libraries are awesome and are labor intensive for the creators to say the least. I sooo appreciate them.

From experience I have found that when new versions of libraries are posted, it can become confusing as to which version you are viewing if their pages are found via other routes than the announcement link. CombatLib 1, 2 and 3 are all shown as CombatLib or at least the instructions are.

Could they be labeled as 1,2,3? Not that The Pixie doesn't have better things to do.

In the announcements we are told it is new and given a link but what if the page is found with out that link. A person may search for combatlib and find a link but it is for a different version. That person being me....

I have downloaded a lib and later went back to follow instructions only to find much later that i was using instructions for a different combatlib.

It is my own fault for not saving the link and I should create a link folder in the game folder to keep track which I only now just thought of.... , but I was thinking this suggestion would save another newbie some grief.

Again, just a suggestion and maybe someone could share their file organization skills/techniques. Perhaps I should add the links for libs and there instructions for use in the xml files themselves. I have seen a libraries do this in the past.

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