Spam Question

Just out of curiosity...

How do the spammers actually work? Are there people who actually work for/represent some company or website that sign in to sites and post? Are they entirely using some program to spam the same thing on multiple sites with one click? Other than these two guesses I honestly have no clue.

Just curious.

Monster thinks all spammers now retired. They make spam-bots years ago, then move to Florida.

I imagine it's some 40-year-old clown, living in his mother's basement, who answered an ad promising that you can make money from home by writing. He makes a few pennies for every stupid forum post he writes, desperately trying to be clever, thinking that will make him more money. He spends his dreary days and nights, struggling to find more efficient ways to copy and paste his drivel while making it seem relevant to the forum. I also imagine that he smokes, eats too much, has very poor circulation and suffers from a variety of ailments, all relating to his terrible career choice - a fitting end indeed.

as far as I understand:

some ads/spam/emails/etc are legal (despite how intrusive, even when infecting the computers/servers with their coding/programs/ads/spam, it is to sites/servers and/or individuals on their own computers) and some aren't, I don't know the legality of what's okay and what's not with such programming/coding of it. I'm not an IT Lawyer, let alone a normal lawyer, lol

some advertising companies will pay people to spam their ads (infect computers/servers) for them, and they earn money based on how many computers/servers they infect, I mean, deliver the spam ads to, and get clicks/responses/clients for their ads. The individual money earned per click/response/client might be small, but if you infect a million computers/servers, and say only 100,000 people click/respond/become-clients, that's a lot of very "easy" (assumming the programming/networking of the ads and infecting people's computers, is easy for them, of course) money, it's very profitable/"lucretive" for very "little" (again, if its easy for them to code/do it) work (hence, why there's so much spam/ads and malware-viruses, unfortunately). And, they can do spamming ads for multiple companies too, so the money racks up even more for them.

the easiest way would be to wrote code/programs that infects a mass of people's/companies' computers/servers, getting control of those computers/servers, which then infect other computers/servers, and it just keeps spreading rapidly across the internet (literally it's the same process as an actual biological virus/organism, infects one person, that one person infects say 10 other people, each of those 10 people infect 10 more people, and etc, pretty soon the entire human population/world is infected, a "pandemic", aka multiple countries having an "epidemic" outbreak of infection). This is known as 'botting/bots', when you infect and take control ("hijack") of computers/servers (and hijacking/controlling a lot of other people's/companies' computers/servers is known as a "bot net / bot network"), using those infected computers/servers as your own "programmed/automated extra workers" for yourself, doing whatever you want with them.

(The users/companies might not even be aware that their computers/servers are hijacked and doing stuff for someone else, aside from possibly noticing their computer/server seems to have gotten slower --- because it's doing all this other stuff/work for the culprit/hacker/advertiser/profiteer/etc, behind the scenes, that the average user/company doesn't know of)

and of course all of this (the above) is just talking about legal advertising/spamming...

the same can be done with malware ("viruses", bad illegal/criminal programming/coding), doing much worse stuff to people's/companies' computers/servers and doing much worse stuff, for extreme/super-criminal example, the "bots", aka victim's hijacked computers/servers, can be doing black market child porn marketing, and the FBI shows up, and the person/company victim is dumb-struck, as they weren't doing it, but their botted/hijacked computer/server was... while the actual culprit, may or may not, be able to be caught... or not, if they can even be tracked down... they may not be in a country that the U.S. has any legal networks/jurisdictions with... now if its a super serious crime, like for an example an actual child sex trade ring/organization... we do have the CIA... that can try to extract or kill the actual culprit/s covertly, without the country knowing it, lol)

My main question about spam is, why did they not just call it treet?

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