Is there an ability to set a squiffy to link only?

This is important for quite a couple reasons outside of just sharing a WIP to friends and such, but I had an idea of incorporating certain elements into the squiffy I'm working on. For example, the character, a girl, who follows the protagonist around has an opportunity to get a slight wardrobe upgrade as a result of the protag buying it for her in order to hurry her along from a dangerous situation. I wanted to make it to where that gained accessory can follow her through future short stories by giving an option at the end of the story to continue to the next, but have certain links lead to the story where she'd have the accessory vs. ones that would lead to the next story where she wouldn't have that accessory depending on the choices the reader picked. I feel the most affective way to do that is by having the ability to make stories that can only be found through a link, but I don't even know if Squiffy has that option, let alone how to do it. I was hoping for some advice on this, if it would be possible, and if not, what would be a sufficient alternative?

You can do that. I'm not great with coding lingo, but, basically, at the beginning of a section, you set a variable showing that the character has obtained that item.

[[password fruit]]:


Bartender - "Ok. Here it is. You are now the proud owner of a parallel dimension thingie."

[[Leave bar.]](leave bar)

[Go to the beginning.]


You can see that, once a player gets to this section, they get an parallel dimension thingie. {@dimensionthing+=1} goes at the beginning of the section to tell the program that the player has it.

Now, it's time to use it.

[[humbaba fight now weapons]]:


{if dagger>=1:[[Attack with dagger.]](attack with dagger)


{if dagger>=2:[[Do double dagger attack.]](double dagger attack)


{if axe=1:[[Attack with axe.]](axe attack)


{if longspear>=1:[[Throw spear at Humbaba.]](throw spear attack)


{if longspear>=1:[[Try to stab Humbaba with your long spear.]](stab with long spear)<b

{if shortspear>=1:[[Attack Humbaba with your short spear.]](attack with short spear)


{if noweapons>=1:[[You forfeit your turn because you have no weapons.]](humbaba attack move)


{if dimensionthing>=1:[[Attack Humbaba with your parallel dimension thing made from twigs.]](attack with dimensionthing)


[[attack with dimensionthing]]:

var randomnumber = function rng(min, max) {
  return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min) + min);

set ("hit ability", randomnumber(1,100));
var randomnumber = function rng(min, max) {
  return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min) + min);

You can see that I put an if then statement in the code. If the player has obtained any of the weapons in an if then statement, then they will be able to use it. Below that, I put a random choice code for the actual fight.

Also, all of what I learned about this coding, I obtained from the forums section and then through trial and error. I basically copy and pasted code from the forums and adapted it to what I wanted to do.

Let me know if this is what you were talking about. Or, if you want to see more of the code I used for this game.

Hi, thanks for the reply, but unfortunately, I don't think this will help with what I am trying to do specifically (Though honestly, it might have just gave me an idea for something a little bit more compact and easier on the site as a whole, considering I don't know it's limitations.) I was specifically trying to link up two different squiffy stories, and I was wondering if there was a way to privatize a squiffy, so that the only way you can get to that one is with a link via the other squiffy. Additionally I wanted to see if it was possible so that I could select people play a WIP of said squiffy and tell me their thoughts before I release it publicly. But as I've stated, as much as I'd prefer to upload several squiffies for each individual plot I plan on writing, I'm realizing in the long run that it may be in my best interest to just upload one and update with the additional plots over time, and then work the earned accessory in that way.

if there was a way to privatize a squiffy, so that the only way you can get to that one is with a link via the other squiffy.

Squiffy is just a tool to create HTML/JS games. How you link to them depends on the site they're hosted on, not the engine.

If you mean on this site, then yes; you can choose when you publish a game to make it not searchable.

Hi. Sorry that didn't help. I guess I didn't completely understand what you were asking. However, I had been thinking about what you were saying with combining two Squiffy games in the past. I've never done it, but I was thinking that, if in one Squiffy game, if the player obtains an object like a key or a sword, you could provide the player with a code. Then, in the second Squiffy game, give the player a place to put that code so that they then could reattain the object. Just have the same codes for the objects in both games. I know how to do it in my head, but I've never coded it in a game before.

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