(Solved) Continue Link doesn't do, what it should

Hi folks!

I am writing a longer passage of text in my game and wantet to break into separate textsections (not squiffy section)
The example in the documentation works as it should.

This is the first part of my story.
This is the second part.
+++I want to hear more...
Very well. Here is the third part.

Everytime I click continue, the next part of the text is revealed.

In my game everytime I click on continue the game clears the screen as if I entered a new room....

Any solution for that?

P.S. I could create passages for every part of text, but I don't like to, because there is a continue feature...
I am using desktopversion 5.1.1 Build 5.1.2

No one? I thinks it's a bug...



It sounds like you might have your game set up to clear the screen every new section? If so, it's probably treating those continue links as new sections.

Oh. You‘re right. I use @clear in a [[]]: section.

That‘s it.

Ok. No more +++continue for me. I can live with that

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