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I found out that once a game is published, even as "work in progress", it is not possible to change its content or delete it. I try to use the "edit" button in the "My Games" page after logging in, and it would open again the compiler, but the changes would not appear when I use the Publish button (even if I remember to Save before). Every time I hit Publish, it would always give me the original output.

Now, I use to "publish" my games as work in progress because it is the only way to have other peole, who don't have installed Squiffy, to read what I'm writing and give me a feedback. It is quite important for me. But since the editing would not change the original output, I had to create a new file every time I have to edit even a semicomma.

I would be perfectly fine with this solution, if I didn't find there's no way, as long as I can see, to delete a Published game once it's out. And again I would be quite Ok even with this, if I didn't find that in the Edit page, beside the Published section, all my games appear labelled like [Squiffy]Untitled even if they have a name and all.

So it is becoming more and more difficult to find the right game in the Edit page, because I have to check first on the Published page, count which number is it form the top and find it this way in the Edit Page. Which is quite easy now that the games are less than 20 (actually, 10 each copies of the same 2 games) but it will become increasingly more complex in time. When the game I'm looking for will be number 2345 out of 45567 I would probably be unable to find it.

Now that I'm using Squiffy, as a teacher, in a creative gamebook writing project with the kids, it becomes even more important to find a way to store their work and then modify it without having every time to create a new file, since there are 28 teams and we need to edit the work in progress once a week it's clear that the number of published files would escalate quickly and dramatically.

So, is there any solution to even just one of these issues? I need just one of these things to work differently and I would manage.
Thank you!

This is wierd...I just found out that if I just make minor changes, the Edit function SOMETIMES works. This is really wierd...

Hello Siddone.

I've been investigating the problem. Finally from what I see is a cache problem. The page uses a CloudFlare cache system in order for the resources used to decrease and not fall back on the application's system.

This is causing that although the changes that you make in the file are saved but CloudFlare is serving the file cached so those last changes that are saved are not reflected in the screen.

I will continue to investigate to see if there is a simple way to tell you not to cache the files story.js that would be really the problem that is affecting you.

I hope I can find a solution to the problem soon.

Thank you! I came here to report that trying it on a different device the new updated file would be visible immediately, while on my PC (and just on that) it would become visible in a few hours, but I think that it's irrelevant now since it's just a confirmation of your deduction.
A more pressing problem, on the other hand, is the impossibility to delete old games (I have quite the collection of different versions of the same thing) and, on "Create"/My Games/Edit, the fact that all the files are named [Squiffy]Untitled.

Siddone, can you edit game listing for each game to deleted and change his title for for delete?

When you have done it, tell me delete it, I would not like to delete something that you do not want to delete :)

Sorry, I'm not sure I understand what I have to do. I have to edit the game listing of the games I want to delete, writing the word "delete" in the title or in the comments? Is that right?
Thank you!

I changed the titles of all the files to delete adding the word "DELETE" before it and in the comments. manowar, now you can delete them. thanks!


Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help. It's just... well, with no disrespect, it's just that I'm not sure it worked out exactly as intended. When I opened "my games" I found that some of the games I had labeled "delete" were doubled; one copy was the same as before, the other had the button "delete". Other files had not been doubled and still were there. I pressed all the red buttons and the double copies disappeared, but the original copies of the files to be deleted are still there as before. I don't know how it is supposed to work when you delete files from "my games", maybe I have to wait a few hours to see the result?

Please Siddone, write us from contact form in the bottom of the page for resolved this more fast.


I think it is already done. It was very fast!
Thank you guys! You are great!

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