[@last] function doesn't work on Windows 10?

I posted a while about it but it was never solved. The [@last] function works on the scratchpad but it doesn't work on my squiffy, version 5.0 build 5.0.0, Windows 10. Tried it on Chrome as well.... no luck either way. Any solutions?

Sorry for asking: What is tha @last function for? I can't find any documentation....

You'll find it here, the second segment:

I should mention that it seems to work to a person with a Mac.
For the record my old topic is here (it was locked due to inactivity) :

Lerik is right: @last doesn't work on windows client....


Looks like someone (possibly) found a fix a while ago.

...or he at least found that @last is effected by ... something... @deactivate? (Don't ask me; it's what he said...)

Worth noting that this functionality increases the turn count by one. This seems a reasonable behaviour for this function and without it then @last will not function properly. Should probably be mentioned in any accompanying documentation however.

This will probably help, as well (although @last would be much easier):


Just thought of this, too (just use [@3]:, 3 being the total number of choices in this example):

@title local image in editor

Looking at the detective's desk you can see the following items to examine; a [photograph], a [file] and a [coffee mug].

Looks like some kind of work celebration. The detective is in the middle of the picture holding a basket of fruit and other officers are toasting him.

The file is empty. You notice though that the tab has your brother's name on it!

[coffee mug]:
(It is just a coffee mug.)

You have examined every item.

Thanks K.V., that's a pretty good workaround; how come I didn't think of it?!? I didn't try the "fix" you linked because the workaround is good enough for my needs :) Cheers!

No problem! Glad it worked!

Cheers to you, too!

Testing this, ist correct. The last function dont work in Squiffy desktop version on Windows 10. Working to solving this issue.


Anybody with Windows 10 can download the Squiffy 5.1 in the website and try the last function?

I will, manowar!

It works!


Thanks for the reply.

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