Per-page layout

I managed to to add the possibility of change font size and theme color on runtime, and feels fine in desktop and tablets. But, for ebook readers with android as an OS, the scrolling is a nighmare. They dont have a tft screen but a electronic ink one and the refresh is killing.

So, anyone can think of a way to present the squiffy text output in a per-page layout instead the infinite scroll nowadays? May be a feature in versions to come?

Hello Belén.

You can put a @clear command in the master section and when you go to a new section the screen has been clear.

Maybe this a solution for you?

Nope, but thx. :)
The idea is making pages that fit into the screen for e-ink readers. The scroll is literally killing in e-ink and that method won´t work whith sections longer than the screen.
I´m currently starting a js front-end to change scroll/page output in squiffy. Wish me luck. xD

I sent a private message.

good luck man

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