Is there an easy way of disabling the save system?

I haven't looked at the code yet, but is there an easy way of disabling the save system, so refreshing the page resets the game?

Just in case anyone is interested, I had a look through the code and it seems the simplest way to disable the save system is to simply comment out a few lines in the story.js file.

Basically every time Squiffy updates something in the game, it calls;. You can simply comment out these lines (I think there's about 3 or four of them) with // and your game will never call the function, meaning it will always load from the start on page refresh.

If you ever want to re-enable, simply undo your additions.

(edit: for those not familiar with programming, comment out is a phrase used to describe the manner in which a coder can stop a section of code from running, which is normally used so you can put in non-code comments. In Javascript // at the start of a line tells the interpreter to ignore that line).

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