Background Image disapears when game published

Hello Squiffies!

Thank your for this amazing tool!

I built a game with background-images and sounds (thanks to the great tips found in this forum). Built online and modified it offline through the .js, .html and .css files. Then uploaded the game from a .zip file.

When testing the game (with the .html file and my browsers), the game runs smoothly. I tried Safari, Firefox, and my mobile phone (Android), just for fun. Smooth.
But when playing the published game some of the images used for the background are not there, instead just the white background.
The images missing weight 104ko and 200ko, while some working are heavier, so it doesn't look like a size problem.
Moreover all the sound works porperly.

Audio files and image are in 2 directories (one directory "sound", one directory "images") situated in the main game directory.
They are linked properly, i checked.
Does someone has an idea how to fix this?

Nothing immediately comes to mind. Could you provide a link to the published game so that we can take a look at it and figure out what's where the problem lies?


Link deleted

Found it :)

You are attempting to display images/start.jpg, which does not exist.

I tried a few similar filenames by trial and error, and found that there is an images/Start.jpg. You need to make sure that the filenames referenced in your code are exactly the same as the name of the file.

Hope that helps :)

Damn, mrangel, you are quick. I figured it's something like this. I had the same thing with a file I named SAimage.jpg. The problem was that the file was actually named SAimage.JPG. That allowed it to run (for some reason) at home but NOT in my published application.

Soon as I saw this post, I figured this was what it was but as I scrolled down and saw your name at the bottom come up, I thought, "Man, it's solved before I got to it".

I'm like the firemen from the slow firehouse. :(

Good catch!

Thank you! You were fast!

Any idea why did it work on the computer (offline)?


Short answer:

Windows is not case-sensitive.

Everything else is case-sensitive.

I see. Thank you everyone for the help!

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