Squiffy editor doesn't work well on browser

Hello, I am new here and I'm trying to use the web version of the editor.
But when I write something and click 'run' button to see it is working as I intended, the window on the right only shows blank white screen.
And 'Preview' button only leads me to the page saying that error has occurred.
This happens even with the default text.
How can I resolve this?
Thank you in advance!

edit) It looks like everyone is experiencing the same problem. I should have searched the forum more thoroughly... Sorry.

Don't be sorry. Thanks for bumping the topic. It really does need to get resolved.

Hello guys, Im sorry, I got similar question. Did someone know how to fix?

Unfortunately it's a problem with the site. We'll have to wait for somebody with admin access (I think that's manowar?) to fix it. Or use the downloadable version of Squiffy.

The online editor never did work perfectly. (Neither did the OS X version, but that's besides.)

  1. The online editor has a very stingy data limit. After a few hundred lines, it just deletes the bottom without telling you.
  2. You can't change the CSS, though Bluevoss has provided brilliant work-arounds.
  3. You can't use mrangel's story.js version which is much superior to Squiffy 5.1.3
  4. You can't include your own pictures in the game itself. You have to img tag them in from online, and hope the img doesn't change address.
  5. You can't use web fonts or your own font packages.

I strongly recommend the download version.

The problem is that the download version does not work very well, either. It complains about a libgconf-2.so missing, and when you install the needed package, it crashes. Or is it just happening to me? I use Manjaro Linux.

I've loved your games for many years, baltasarq! In Spanish IF, Incanus appears to be the biggest supporter of Squiffy, and he's written two excellent games with it. But I have no idea what operating system he uses. You might send him an email.

I started with the OSX version. When I learned that it would never get an update, I switched to the Windows version. mrangel, above, has made several unofficial updates to the Windows version that I now use as my standard. But I don't recall any positive discussion of the Linux version on this forum, only complaints that it requires extra steps to get working.

Wow!! Thank you very much for your support.
Okay, I'll try the Windows version through Wine. Thanks!

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