Issues with “@“ commands after “if” function

I have an issue with making some functions work.

the code is:

{if aware=1:@dec health 5}

It triggers properly, but instead of performing the attribute’s function it just prints it.

What can be the cause of this problem?

A section is broken up into three parts:

  • js - javascript, which has to come before the text and starts each line with 4 spaces
  • attributes - attribute lines start with a @ and must be the only thing on the line (like @dec and @set)
  • text - contains the section's text, including text processor commands (which come inside {/} pairs)

You can't put an attribute line in the text section. You need to use the equivalent text processor command instead, which would be:

{if aware=1:{@health-=5}}

You use = to set an attribute, -= to decrease it, and += to increase it.

(off the top of my head… don't actually have Squiffy installed here)

Thank you! It worked.

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