squiffy.story.go not working in a button

Hi all,
New to Squiffy (and loving it). I've googled around quite a bit for an answer here and can't seem to find anything. It's entirely possible I'm mixing JS and Squiffy incorrectly, any guidance would be appreciated.

I'm attempting to put a button at the bottom of my Section that allows users to check their 'inventory'. The inventory is a standalone section( [inventory] ) that functions as expected when a passage link is set to it. Here's my button setup:

<button type="button"
<button onClick=squiffy.story.go("inventory");>Inventory.</button>

The button displays as expected, but clicking it will not prompt the [inventory] passage.
I've also tried removing the button logic entirely and simply entering:


This also fails to trigger the [inventory] passage. Is there something I'm doing incorrectly with squiffy.story.go? Do I need to activate some additional js code in order to enable this?

Thank you!

Out of my league here. Have you tried standard JS code in the button (like setting a boolean to true)? Does that work? Are there other squiffy commands you can also try?

Just trying to narrow down what could be the problem - I suck at JS code, frankly.

Your button is missing quotes. Does it help if you do:

<button onclick="squiffy.story.go('inventory');">Inventory.</button>

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