Inserting links to google slides into Squiffy.

Is it possible to do this? For context, I'm kinda struggling with some ideas, because I like Squiffy for it's coding aspect that allows for a "Choose your own path" style story, but I also want it to be heavily illustration based, as the theme of the stories I plan on writing is centered around the "Anime chibi" artstyle, if they were there own race of beings, so illustrations are pretty important to this story. I want to be able to also do a semi animated flip clip style story where you can flip through images, like one page being an eye closed, and then the next page being a quick flip to the eye opening. Basically to make it seem more fluid. As a result of this, I've been debating if maybe doing this story on google slides alone would be a good idea, or if I should just neglect that kind of stylistic choice and just stick with Squiffy, but if I can get the best of both worlds, that would be epic.

So I guess I have 2 questions.

  1. How would I go about inserting a link to a google slides project?
  2. How would that appear in a Squiffy story?

After playing quite a bit and doing some reading in the past, I gather that nearly everything stored in Google Drive is protected (not invincibly) from APIs and embedding outside of Google Drive.

I made a game once where the player could flip through photos by clicking. I used {label: and @replace. But I didn't like the slow fade, so I hunted in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Squiffy\resources\app\node_modules\squiffy

and in squiffy.template.js I eventually found:

 var $labels = squiffy.ui.output.find('.squiffy-label-' + label);
        $labels.fadeOut(1000, function() {
            $labels.fadeIn(1000, function() {

There are a few ways you can alter the @replace effect here. "fadeOut" / "fadeIn" has a few other alternatives, and of course you can change the time.

I'm not great with the coding part. But, I like to use outside of the box thinking to make things work. I've never tried using Google Slides that runs automatically in a Squiffy game. However, I have run a google slides as an animation and then taped it to make it into an mp4. Then, I turned it into a Gif. Once it's a gif, you can put it in like any image. If you are going to record your screen, I use Screencastify. They allow you to record five minutes for free.

Also, once it's turned into an mp4, you can put the mp4 on vimeo (it's free). Then, vimeo will easily guide you how to create code that will work in Squiffy so you can just copy and paste. It will run automatically. I've tried it. Also, vimeo will allow you to have sound if you want.

Thanks for the answers here. I will definitely take a look and see what I can pull off. To clear up some misunderstanding though, I'm not trying to do a gif animation, though I will be including quite a few of those in my work as well, I need a flip note style function for a small yet really cool details I saw someone pull off in a comic outside of here, where they would essentially flip note from 1 panel to the next to make it seem like it's semi animated. I'm not looking to do an actual animation in this particular case, but instead something more manual.

I get that. I actually love using google slides to make stop motion animation (if that is what you mean). I'm not sure how experienced you are with it, but I love discussing it. So, feel free to ask questions about animation and google slides if you want.

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