Forcing to go to a section

Hi, I just started with squiffy and I want to know if and how you can force the user to go to a certain section?

I'm a little confused here. If you want him to go to a specific option, you'd just give him one choice. Like this...

You are hanging on the edge of a cliff. You can't hang on any longer.

[[You fall!]](fall section)

If you want to give the appearance of choice, you can always use passages to let them try...

You are hanging on the edge of a cliff. You can't hang on any longer.
[Pull yourself up]
[[You fall!]](fall section)

[Pull yourself up]:
You wish you'd done more pull ups. You can't!

Can you be a little more specific about what you are trying to do?

Sorry for being so long. What I want to do is make the user go to a section without them doing anything.

Sorry. I still don't think I understand.

If you enter a section (or passage) the code stops and waits for a click. You can do this...


...and that will pause the game and then pick up the rest of the section after that. But they still have to click.

One thing - if could write everything in Java for this section. If you have calculations and such, you could do it in JS. And then at the end of all your calculations, you can use this java command to jump to the indication section.


I use this on a lot of pathing bits, where if you enter a section, it has the following code.


    if (get("path2")==1){squiffy.story.go("event1");}
    if (get("path2")==2){squiffy.story.go("event2");}
    if (get("path2")==3){squiffy.story.go("event3");}

The getRndInteger is my randomizer. If this is all I put in the section, the execution will fly through this without a pause.

Hope this was what you're looking for.

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