Is there a way to display a Link to a passage differently? Coding Help???

Say I have two similar instances of a passage.
I want the link you click to display the same, but when you click it, it goes to a different passage. For example:

I can eat [[chicken]] or [[milk]]

I can eat [[chicken]] (goes to [[drink]] or [[milk]] (goes to [[food]])

I can eat [[chicken]] (goes to [[food]]) or [[milk]] (Goes to [[drink]])

if anyone has ANY idea to do this, please provide me some help. Thx!

You can simply use:

[[My link]](sectionname) 

The link can be whatever you want, as the bracket is the section it will go to.


[[My link]](section1)
[[My link]](section2)

So same link, but goes different places.

Oh! Thanks!!

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