Who has Phonegap Experiences and would like to shar them?


I am trying around with phonegap. It's a little bit tricky I think. First of all: i am using iOS. That's the first thing, which doesn't work on the fly, because of the missing DevApp in iOS Store.

Creating the App on my own needs an paid phonegap account...

So if I tried to create an android app, there has to be build an config.xml first. I did that too, but there are errors in the created app.

Has onyone a workaround for phonegap?

Or otherwise does someone know a html to native app converter? I don't like an web-app, because my squiffy game includes many .svg images. While using a webApp there will be downloadtraffic all the time, which I tried to avoid by building a native app.

i am new at this

For iOS there is no alternative. You must pay for the Developer Certificate if you want to get apps in its store. 99$/year, do.

What kind of errors for the android app?

There is no html to native converter. You can rewrite the full squiffy engine in c#, objetive c, java or wathever it takes and then go native or you can go phonegap or similar, which builds a webview app to run the js code. The webview app is local and no traffic will be used at all if you include the files in the project. But, it requires a mandatory internet connection permission for the webview, even if no connection is made.
The webview that phonegap uses is no perfect (slider controls won´t run, for instance) but for text & svg it will be ok with the right setup.

Other text-adevntures engines like yarn or ink have developed a Unity integration so they can run a story json native without js. But, IMHO, squiffy is a far better engine and I will stick to it even with the downside of no unity integration (which would be a GREAT feature).

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