Squiffy desktop Mac version is too old and buggy.

Hi everyone,
I work on a Mac and recently downloaded Squiffy for the Mac. I have started to make my own story/game and learning the principle of writing stories and the code. But several things were not working well, and I realized the code works interpreted by Scratchpad on the website, but not in the Mac desktop app. Then I saw the Mac app is version 5.00 and issued in 2015 where the Windows/Linux version is 5.1.3, fixes some bugs, and issued in 2019. My question is : has the Mac desktop app version been abandoned or someone is maintaining this version ? Or do I need to get the sources and to compile the program myself on my Mac ? Is this going to work ?
Thanks for your help.

Yup. I used Squiffy on Mac for a number of years. It always lacked a lot of the newer functionalities and has since been entirely neglected.

I'm not big on the coding side yet as I'm still learning JS, but I have experienced challenges that are somewhat similar in the editor itself. I'm also working on the Squiffy for Mac desktop version.

For example, the lack of line numbering, the lack of being able to break down games in discrete sections (as with ChoiceScript), and no autocomplete on parentheticals. I love Squiffy for the logic of designing a gamebook (more like a text adventure than a Fighting Fantasy), but there are some things that could give me an easier ride on the editor.

My work-around has been this -- I write everything in Obsidian which I've been using since about Feb this year for all my major work. As I get more proficient in JS I'll probably switch to something like Sublime or VS Code, but for now Obsidian seems to great for me as a text editor. Which leaves me free to use Squiffy only for "compiling."

Thanks for your quick replies.
@GreatPrerender : I had a quick look at Obsidian and it seams interesting but It looks like an advanced multi-purpose text editor. Anyway the owners of textadventures.co.uk should warn the people who are interested to use Squiffy that the Mac version is not up-to-date anymore, before they start to create games with it...

Couldn’t agree more. No love for the max users :(

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