localstorage & Unity integration

Hi, newbie around here.

I have been working with squiffy for the past weeks and found it much much easier than inkle´s ink and far better than twine. So, the question is: Is there any chance of seeing squiffy integrated with unity like these other two ? Making a light squiffy android app is easy with phonegap, but for desktop... you need to go full nwjs, meaning a non less than 160 mb for a text game. That´s ridiculously huge. Unity can achieve text executable around 20 mb, but not over pure js.

And a technical question. Can you access localstorage js function from squiffy? When I try to access it to save one custom variable, both the editor version and the build one just stops in that line.
Or, is there any way to access squiffy´s use of the localstorage capabilities to make persistent sessions?

Very excited to have found squiffy and eager to get this littel issued around.


Belén M.

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