Continue Links Not Working

hello! i am fairly familiar with squiffy, and have lots of experience in js and html/css
i have been attempting to make my continue links work in squiffy and they are just... not for some reason in my game?
my game currently looks like this

<!--several lines of comments to myself about plans/goals etc-->

@start welcome

Welcome to +++sample continue link
surprise text!

all i get for output is "Welcome to +++sample continue link surprise text!"
when i open a new squiffy game and throw a random continue link in the first passage link, it works normally.
what am i doing wrong? or is it a bug? it was just working yesterday...

Yes, the continue hot link needs to show up on a line by itself...

Welcome to 


continue link
surprise text!

Hope this helps. Usually, this is used in a long text break so you don't burden down the player with way too much description. It breaks it down into smaller chunks. Like this...

blah blah blah


more blah blah blah

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