have a series of commands repeated in several different sections without the need to repeat it all the time

Hallo. I'm trying to insert a few iconic links for statistics, lifepoint and so on at the bottom of most, or all the sections. Since I'm using pictures and icons this takes a huge amount of lines, making the compiler nearly unreadable.
I could use a master section, but I would need the icons-links to be on the bottom of the page; and I need to include several passages. so how could I do?

look at my other post:


Whatever you can do in a master section, you can also do with a very simple {Put all text from that section here}.
[[Put all text from that section here]]:

This allows you to put all your repetitious info or stats into one section but make them appear in any section containing "{Put all text from that section here}."

If you want to have that info invisible until the player wants to see it, you can do this:

Blah blah blah


All your stats are here.

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