Variables in section/passage links?

Is it possible to use a variable in a link title? Something like:


Such that the above link would lead to different sections depending on the value of the variable "variable"?

I've been trying to use if-then to accomplish the same effect but am running into limitations of what can be displayed in the then clause.



Try something like this;

    set("variable","CLICK ME!")
This is an example game.



It works!

Quick Squiffy Reference

Hi there K.V.!

I swear, this morning I couldn't get custom link text to work inside @replace or inside if-thens (I can't remember which)!

At any rate, of course [[{variable}]] works too. Awesome!

I think what I was trying to do that wasn't working was:

{if condition:{@replace label=text}}

But you can do this instead:

@replace label={if condition:text} 

I updated my reference doc to indicate @replace doesn't work inside if-then.


Did I link you to your own reference?


I recognized your web handle, but I didn't remember that the reference doc was yours. (At least you know someone is using it!)

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