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I think there's a problem with the codes, but any attempt to make a text field and have the entered text apply to the story results in things like "true" or "null".

<input type=button value="Enter name"
    s=prompt('enter your name','Name');

[click for name]

[click for name]:

Hello, {"name"} 

That's what I've been trying to use, however, it results in

Hello, null

instead of "Hello, Jack".

What am I doing wrong? Is it me, or is there a problem with the website? This problem has put my game to a complete halt.

Here's what I did. You can copy and paste this code to see how it works.
just remove the "/" -----> </ />

and don't put quotation mark on the {"name"} it should be {name}, maybe that's what's wrong on your code.


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</input type="text" id="name" pattern="A-Za-z"/>

[[Click for name]]

[[Click for name]]:
squiffy.set("namedisp", jQuery("#name").val());
You type {namedisp} int the textarea on the first section...

"Hello, {namedisp} "

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