Firefox issues

I'm seeing issues running with Firefox. This is my default browser. Here's what I've got.

  1. If I "RUN" from the squiffy program downloaded onto my computer, I get some warnings but the program works.
  2. If I "BUILD" the program, I get a white screen with a "RESTART" link that dosn't work. Nothing else shows.
  3. If I click on the generated Index file, I get the same as (2)
  4. If I right-click on the generated Index file and select "Firefox" to open with, it works.
  5. The game as I uploaded it (with the old compiler) seems to work fine on the Squiffy site.

Any ideas why Firefox won't run off the build or off a left-click start from Win10?


I've got Firefox 58.0.2 (which should be the current version) and the current version of Squiffy.

Everything works fine for me, even using the examples you posted in the previous thread.

When you click "RESTART", it opens a popup (or an alert()). Is it possible you're popup blocker is stopping that from happening?

Solved it. Since my browser was Firefox by default and everything I used was Firefoxed, I assumed (sigh) it was running Firefox. Tonight I took a longer look. Actually, according to the default mappings, html files would open with MS Edge. And once I changed that to Firefox, all my problems cleared up. I can run from the build issue or click on the file and it runs fine.

So yes, it seems that Microsoft Edge dosn't play well with Squiffy. At least in my here and now.

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