Help! I'm new-ish.

I haven't looked at Squiffy for years now. I'm sorry to see that the online editor is broken. But it's cool that you all are updating several things as a community effort.

I want to get back into it. I tried to figure out how to change my squiffy.template.js by following forum entries. But now nothing is appearing in the right-side window when I click the Run button.

I really think it's cool how much you guys have done.

Did you get your changes from this thread? If so, then this option breaks the editor display. However, it works correctly in the browser when you hit the Build button.

Could that be the problem you're having?

If so, Chat GPT found a solution to the bug. Eerie, I know. It's now included in mrangel's Squiffy 5.1.4. You can see the solution in isolation here.

It works! Thank you. I haven't looked at Chat GPT. I guess I need to now.

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