Has anyone dabbled with Squiffy, a new Gamebook authoring tool?



Alex, creator of the interactive fiction engine Quest, recently came out with a new, simplistic Gamebook engine called Squiffy.
You can write text as regular text. When you want to add a choice, put it in double brackets [[like this.]]
You can nest links in your prose to provide more information in a room, for example, or to provide backstory to the current scene. These are called passages in Squiffy, and you can insert links in your prose which will be clickable like so:
[chair]:This is a chair at the dinner table.
That's just the basics. With Javascript, you can get all fancy and add turn counters for a turn based battling system, a system of time which is what I'll use it for, and other things.
I tried to make my first game with it today, but screen readers don't appear to see the text that is in the edit box. I'm speaking of the web version. A CLI version exists, but the web editor has the convenience of saving your settings to the Cloud. That, and saving time so you don't have to learn the CLI if you don't have to.
I saw a similar issue with the fan-made ChoiceScript editor. You could see what's in the text box, but you had to leave the edit box and read the lined numbers under it to see what's there. I have the same exact issue with this. Of course most people would just use the CLI vesion, but I disagree with that, I like the convenience of a web editor. The question is, is there a way to make screen readers able to read and menipulate text within these edit boxes or if not, what can we tell Alex to do to make it more accessible?

Any help will be apprecited.

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