was called subroutine in BASIC

I can easily make a section that [[Displays Stats]]

The problem is I want to go there many times during a story, and return to where I am.
How do I do this in Squiffy, HTML/JS only if impossible to do in Squiffy

Somewhere on this forum, there's a modified squiffy.template.js which expands on some of the core functionality. If you're usihg that, you could include your view stats function as a passage in the master section and view it from anywhere.

Using basic Squiffy, I believe somebody posted a method before, putting the name of the section you want to return to in an attribute; but you need to be careful not to return the player to somewhere that will repeat a stat change.

The second method appears to work correctly, thanks. It does give a warning (which is harmless).

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