Updating A Game

Hey, people! I'm a huge noob and tried using Squiffy for a IF I'm planning to make, and I have some problems.

You see, I'm only possibly less than a percent finished with the thing, and I wanted my friend to try out what I've got so far. I know you could upload unlisted games here in TA and I tried doing so. I clicked the Build command in my Squiffy and see as a new tab shows up for a preview. I reviewed using that preview and once done, I put my index, jquery, story and style files into a ZIP file and uploaded it as unlisted.

My friend and I both tried it, but for some reason, the links are broken. I said to her that I'm gonna try it again once I redo everything, since I was just testing a bit of how this thing works.

So I did that and then saved the game as a whole new file in a different folder in Squiffy. I then clicked Build for it to generate the files I needed, and I went on to my games and updated the game file so that's it's going to be the new version.

I tried and for some reason, it's still the old version. But this time, the links work now. I want to update my files to the newer version, but I don't know how. I tried doing it again but it still shows the working old version. Anyone help me?

Someone else had the same problem a few days ago. See this thread.

Ah, thank you very much!

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