I can't run or preview my squiffy

Hi, I am working on my first squiffy. I don't know if it is something wrong with the code but I copied it exactly from a YouTube video. When I press 'run' nothing comes up in the output. When I try and preview it, nothing comes up but :
Sorry, something went wrong
An error occurred while processing your request.
This has been logged, but it would be really helpful if you could let us know a bit more information about what you were doing - please contact us and we'll do our best to fix things.


So, have you done what was requested in the last sentence of the error message? Where did you send it?
Which YT video was it? Did you use the online version or did you download the prog and run it from your desktop?
I think there was some problems with the online version. If you search the forums here, you may come across someone else's woes and find a fix for it. If not, be patient and some one with more knowledge than me will no doubt come along and help.

In the meantime, might I suggest you post a sample of your code that gives the error or a link to it, as I'm afraid my Crystal Ball is out for repairs at the moment.

This was my code when the error message first showed:

Choose your pelt:

She-cat or tom?
[[she-cat]](she-cat black)
[[tom]](tom black)
[[she-cat black]]:
Choose your name:

The error message said:
This has been logged, but it would be really helpful if you could let us know a bit more information about what you were doing - please contact us and we'll do our best to fix things.
There was a link on 'contact us' so I sent a message through that.

The YouTube video I used:

This is the editor page. Can you access it?

Thanks for your help!

Looks like the online editor is broken right now. Not sure what's caused that.

Oh...do you know who takes care of the online editor. I don't have PC only a Mac so I can only use the online editor. :-(

It's been like this for months now. Can't someone relay the message to someone who can fix it so that it can be fixed. If whoever can fix it just doesn't have the time, I totally understand. But, if people here knew that it was the case that those in charge can't fix it, some of us who are really invested in Squiffy could organize something, maybe crowdfund something to get someone to fix it or purchase the entire website.

I in fact asked my work for a windows computer just so I could use Squiffy. I'm working on an educational game that I think will have huge potential. Then, the fan in the computer broke, so I'm just writing the code on a google doc until I can get it fixed. My point is that Squiffy has so much potential, especially in the world of education (yes, I'm a teacher). Why waste that potential? Whoever moderates the forums, please let us know what we can do to assist or buy someone out or whatever. But, Squiffy is too valuable to just let it sit.

Please everyone, join in to help get Squiffy back.

I wouldn't expect the online editor to ever be fixed if it is broken. If it's just one of those things where the server can be rebooted The Pixie will usually let the owner know, but if it's been like this for months it's probably something else. There is no current Squiffy developer or maintainer. The original dev sold the site a little over ten years ago or so and the current owner took a backseat a few years after that. Someone recently asked to fork the project and continue with it, but I'm not sure they ever got access to everything they needed. You can see some of that conversation here between the original developer (Alex Warren) and the other relevant parties. I think they just stalled out waiting for access to the npm packages from Manowar (the current site owner).

Thank you Cryophile. That was some good information that I never saw before.

I have never had anything to do with Squiffy, and rarely even look at the forum, so only just seen this. I have alerted man-o-war. Whether it is fixable I do not know.

Thank you The Pixie for your time. I know that it might not be fixable with the available resources. There can be many ways to solve a problem, including many outside the box methods. I know I don't really know much about programming. But, I want to keep reiterating as many times as possible that, as an educator, I truly believe there is incredible potential for a platform like Squiffy. I have used it in my class to do some incredible things. I'm brainstorming some different options and I hope that anyone who sees similar potential in Squiffy, let's keep the conversation going!


I'm an interactive fiction author, both parser and choice based, and for me Squiffy it's what has kept me going on authoring when time pressure makes parser authoring impossible.

Squiffy is simple yet oh so flexible and powerful: you program as you write along, and you can make it interactively as plain or as complex as you like.

Regardless of what happens to the online option (which would be nice indeed to have back) I'd like give my most sincere thanks for everyone involved in creating and keeping Squiffy alive: as a tool and an authoring community.

Very much obliged,


I had this issue a few months back. Unfortunately the best thing you can do is download the squiffy application and write stories that way. That will allow you to preview your work. You would then need to upload it to the site once you're done. This has been an issue for awhile, and unfortunately I don't foresee anything being fixed in the near future.

@The Pixie and man-o-war,
This is very late of me, but I'm 90% sure that the problem isn't with the editor per-se, but with the version of Node running compiler being so drastically out of date.
Updating the Node version being used by the Squiffy service should fix everything.

That said, the editor is also in dire need of an update; I'm worried that at some point a browser update will actually break it. Even now it's a pain to compile without either node, npm or Electron wanting to explode.

But there's not much point in updating things further if the server running squiffy.textadventures.co.uk doesn't get updated a bit first.

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