I was able to run my game through PhoneGap and test it on my phone, but had a question about formatting. The normal feature of pinching or spreading to zoom in and out does not work. The text is a bit small, which I can increase. But after a text box pops up to enter the players name, it stayed zoomed in to where the user has to scroll around to read all the text.

I am not sure where the settings are or where I can code in these commands. Thanks in advanced for any help or suggestions

Hi Padrinos!

Can you put here an example or image with the problem?

Hi Padrinos!

Check this out:

this plugin will enable use of zoom in/out in phonegap app.

Thanks Alex. Tried this one and its not working. I am just starting to learn about the plugin stuff so its possible I am messing something up. I will keep researching

Oh ok, try posting an example or image with problem like manowar said, he maybe able to help you.

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