How do I make master passages not appear on specific sections?

For part of my story, I want to hide the master passage information from the readers (let's say for suspense). Is it possible to do that? Or would I have to copy and paste the info on every section except the one's I don't want it on.

Okay, you'll need to set a flag BEFORE going into the next section. It would work like this...


setting variables.

goto [[first section]]

[[first section]]:

This is the first section

{@not masterFlg}
goto [[second section]]

[[second section]]:

This is the second section

goto [[third section]]

[[third section]]:

In the third section.


{if masterFlg:
This is the master info

I put the masterFlg setting code right before the jump to the next section. It appears that the master section triggers BEFORE going into the next section, so you need to preset it.

If you have a lot of sections, you could also only set the masterFlg to false when you don't want it to show, and have the master section set it to true automatically. Just a thought.

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