How to Remove..

Hi guys, is there any way to remove the says text?

Alex, this was meant to be posted by KV, but the forum banned him for posting too much.
Hope this helps:

KV's example:

Hey, thanks, Amochure!

(I forgot... I can just use the account I submit games with!)

Do any Squiffy veterans know the answer to this one?

Now... where is that thread about changing clothes and such?

Oops, did I do it wrong? >.<



You did it right.

I just copied the plain text to the other thread, too, just in case he wanted to just copy it and paste it into Squiffy to play around with it.

I appreciate the help, too!

(Nice formatting, by the way!)

haha, thanks ^^

The header on the alert box always contains the website title followed by "says:". By default, anyway. Clearly a pain in the b***, but is regarded as a security feature to prevent misleading popups from doing evil.

Frankly, I'd use a custom javascript/css popup instead of the browser's built-in 'alert()' one... you can make a custom popup say anything your heart desires.

I know, you want a code snippet. That's all it'd take. I don't have access to one at this moment in time... but maybe in a day or two when I get a chance, or, someone else may jump in, OR there's this thing the kids are all excited about called Google. :)

I tried looking at but it is defferent then the build-in alert script. so i think i have to wait for someone to post the code in this thread.

I've tried responding, but keep getting "Sorry, you can't post that here." red banner. Not posting any code or rule breaking text. If this reply works, it's because I turned off my PIA VPN, but if a safe and secure VPN offends this forum software, I'm outta here. Sorry dude, you'll have to find your own snippet if this is true.

It's okay, I'll figure out something :)

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