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Review for spondre
11 Dec 2014
You may not know this but I did test your beta version in and out. :-)
The intro is even better than I remembered. To me this is good science fiction and very well written. It is something new and fresh that sets it apart from the usual limited options. I like different and new.
The story could have been a tad longer and then hoped for the 'Save' button to be working. I also ran into an error when looking at the strange figure - that did not happen in the beta.

This title deserves every star. Well done!

17 Nov 2014
Most things did have a description, but not all. There is a nice description for the undead bride but none for the bride or priest. The same with killing some of the undead. Some had descriptions and most not when you kill them. They just disappear and you I just assume I did kill them.
A few hiccups as well:
Shooting the undead farmer ave me the option to use the M1 Garand and I did shoot him with it, but I did not have that weapon on my person.
On the positive side:
I like the health system with snacks and food you can have to replenish your health.
The map was implemented and even a tiny puzzle to figure a way into the store. I guess this is your typical hack and slash game brought to text adventures - if you are into that.
All-in-all, I think it does have promise and might appeal to some-one out there. A few problems to sort out as well as adding more descriptions and content.

05 Nov 2014
This is what I had to say about this adveture: http://forum.textadventures.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4699&p=31070#p31070