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Reviews by Kenty666

Review for Trapped
30 Aug 2017
only a 2 star rating du to the fact that the game kept gitching in the begining the text bar and compass etc kept dissapearing .. bit dissapointed as the game looked promising

Review for Secret Den
29 Aug 2017
was an ok game .. quite basic but i managed to find five ending and i eventually got bored after finding the 5 so dont think i ever found the true ending if i did i would like to know .. not a bad theme either .. worth a play

29 Aug 2017
omg bloody brilliant ..cried laughing all the way through .. died pretty easily so played a few times but each time jut made me laugh harder ... high five dude pmsl

Review for Dr. Science Mouth
29 Aug 2017
absolutely loved this game .. died unfortunately but other than that very descriptive and an awesome play all round