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Reviews by AnonyPuss

Review for Summer Camp
01 Jan 2017
A well written story about a girl's first time. I found it clever that the sex itself was so good, and what turned it into a traumatizing nightmare was not have underage sex, but how the adults handled it, and as a parent it made me think about how I should react if it was my daughter. Teenagers are going to have sex, it is only natural, and it is responsibility of the adults in their life to ensure it does not end up like that!

A few criticisms: It does flip from the second person to the first person about half way through; there are a lot of words that are capitalized that should not be; and the story is essentially linear (and that stops it being five starts).

Review for Advent Vore
25 May 2016
The vore thing is not something for me, but I had a play away. This is a really good game, from what I could see (I lost my internet connection the first time, and died pretty quickly the second). There seems to be a considerable amount of substance, the text is both engaging and error-free, the implementation seems faultless. A standard way above the vast majority of adult games here.