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Reviews by GreyOwl

Review for A Hobbit Trek
18 Sep 2013


I should probably say now that you should probably make it longer, but it is still very good!

26 Mar 2013
How do you get out of the bog? And it's a great story!

Review for The Tome of Power
26 Mar 2013
How do you show the ID card to the Tough Guard?

14 Mar 2013
I think you could make this game a bit longer and harder.

Review for Cradle
14 Feb 2013
I rate this a 5!

Review for A Cup of Tea
11 Feb 2013

I like the game. It's a bit hilarious...

30 Dec 2012
I rate this a 4 because I always get stuck in the Hallucination Forest. I always get killed when I find the oggy-waggi plant.