Reviews by StrategyLover

Review for INFECTION
15 Nov 2013
At first i was just looking at the desc and i was like "...WHAT? How can a name be a city?!"
...Then i played the game. It was pretty good.

08 Nov 2013

Deserves attention.

I had to retry like 12 times, but i was surprised when i got to the end of a text, and suddenly the was no "The End".

5 stars.

17 Oct 2013
Just... What. Really? If you want to make a good game then use grammar or whatever.

2 stars for bad storyline and bad grammar.

11 Oct 2013
Alright, this game picked up my intrest really good. Choices are difficult to make, and i felt this game really made it that. If possible, more detail would have given this 5 stars. Still a good game.

22 Sep 2013
Intresting game... Really, it is. Not many games can offer this make up of science, whilst still giving it some comedy. So i give it a 4.

Review for aliens!
22 Sep 2013
Pretty bad. The use of only small letters is bad, the way too short story is bad and the fact that you "sleep for a week"? Nope, that was the last straw.

1 Star.