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Review for Trapped in a Room
06 Oct 2015
so I'm looking for text based game because I want to make one and I want my to be funny, and I found this, look at the other comments and said "ok game what do you have to throw at me". first things first I JUMP because it's funny and in a funny something funny should happen right. so i jump and die, this isn't funny it's annoying. and it's not forgiving either if i'm 5 moves in and make a wrong choice then I have to start all over. that's not funny it's PUNISHING and that's what makes a bad game, and even the game makes me not have fun, if I'm given a funny option in a funny game then I take it and then die, then whats the point if your just tricking people. if this is your first game then it's a good start but give some room so making funny moves doesn't punish me.