Reviews by Sazukan20

not very Unique, though i admit it is good. though it is very much like The Walking Dead. also it kind of reminds me of left for dead... the hundreds of hordes, how long have you been K.O.'d? you may want to mention that in a later, completed version if you make all of your chapters o0ne longer game, instead of a short part of a game. Decent Descriptions and you did have me captured during the first bit of gameplay.

Review for Paradox
28 Dec 2013
it had a good idea, though i kept playing to see if there was further progress, it is a fair game, i think you should try something with more to it to try to see where you really are at, i am new to making games too, but as for being a gamer, i think you have potential, try some new ideas, or add some good ideas to possibly fighting the other Numbered living being. though i do believe you have something started here.