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Reviews by Nancok

13 Aug 2021
As far as i can see you can't actually complete this, you can interact with stuff with a few verbs and you get a couple of lines of dialogue
There are just a handful of verbs and seems to just be a joke about stereotypical shitty costumers

23 Feb 2020
I died at the beggining because i looked away, aparently you have to type against time in what's suposed to be a mistery puzzle game, that's what i call bad game design
But that's not all, at the beggining i tried to speak with Strauss to find out that even while flying trough the air from an explosion he has the exact same dialogue with no option to at least say something different and that the beggining is basically a cutscene where it doesn't matter what you do
I needed short of 2 minutes to dislike this