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Review for Three Worlds
18 Nov 2005
Too many bugs and stuff... I can get the horn AND the holy water, plus if I go back to that area her death can repeat / be saved and glitch up game... and causes it to close...

Also I can't use the horn or holy water on anything, and it is impossible to get further than that...


I love the idea though, Even though I'm kinda agaisnt christianity, It doesnt really seem to affect anything religion wise. And I don't know how, Its completely religous. =P

18 Nov 2005
Oh, I forgot the comment... ><

12 Nov 2005
its an OK thing... The music would be better if it repeated...

And I think its kinda silly how I'm told I have no money when I try to buy something when I have a wallet... it SAYS it has money in it when I pick it up!

I liked how you actully saw it on look,
But I wish it was JUST description on examine...

09 Nov 2005
Lol... Very funny. I loved the part where I thought I was dead in crawlspace, That scared me. ^^

Im still playing...

No bugs/errors found, its good...