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Review for King and Ruler
26 Nov 2014
Very unique idea and once you grasp it (looked through the manual) it is simple to play. I have played quite a bit of Lone Wolf back in the day and when I saw CS and EP it took me back to my childhood days. :-)
I played a two player game and found it awesome.
I was a bit confused in the beginning but quickly learned that you get one dice roll per turn that moves you around the game board and a random encounter takes place. Shopping is a separate thing you can do and takes you off the game board and once finish shopping you need to return to the play area and end your turn to enable the next player to play or (if one player) to be able to throw the dice again.
Some of the encounters was funny when on level 5 and I enjoyed it.
I think that buying a skill might be a bit overpriced though.
Like the idea of the chests and the guardian and the sword sounds when equipping and unequipping.
What would make this even better is if there are a scoring system at the end like: Who generated the most money, total kill count and perhaps total XP gained.
A very cool feature is the shops that uprade their level of weapons it sells when you level up as well as being able to identify stuff.
With my last stats, I couldn't keep up with buying health potions...lol!
Anyway...all-in-all, I think this is brilliant and I did not find anything broken. Keep up the good work!