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Review for Humbug 2
01 Jul 2002
You call this a game??? If so, here's a game for you:

Yu wak ino s rom. Te wlls ar hreen wiht takky pante. Tge enf.
(The End)

Thank you, thank you...


01 Jul 2002
This game is short, with many typos and grammatical errors. There are only, like, 5 rooms in this game. If you want something short with little action and few puzzles, download this. If you're normal, don't.

01 Jul 2002
The storyline was good, but there were quite a few typos and text that kept away the feeling of "immersion". Nice idea, though (a bit too much like "Fade to White", but that's okay).

Review for Fade to White
01 Jul 2002
I agree with the previous review--however, I have one bone to pick with this game (I would bump my rating up to 5 if this weren't so.) I don't know if it is a problem with the download link or something with my computer or what, but apparently I downloaded a demo or obsolete version. The version was marked "alpha" and when I reached a certain point in the game, the game displayed:
PART 2: (blah blah)