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Review for Face 2 Face
01 Nov 2014
I enjoyed this overall, with a few problems. I felt like the encounter with the man at the store felt out of place and a little pointless. Other than that, there are a few places I would have liked a little more explanation and detail. Like instead of just saying that a fight happened, you could have described the fight. Overall though, not bad at all.

Review for The Haunting
20 Mar 2013
I did enjoy the story, but there really isn't anything in it at all to make it interactive or a game. Though you did say that in the description, so I'll give it a 4.

21 Nov 2012
A few things, one it's very short, but also it's very easy and linear. There are no challenges at any point. The descriptions are relatively bland, but there are pictures so that's okay.

Another thing that kind of irritates me but I don't know if others care about it: In some games you're told in the beginning who you are, but in games like this you're supposed to be yourself, since there is no character in it. I don't really like it when a game has me be myself in it, then about halfway through tell me I'm a guy. But that's just me. Two stars mostly because it actually works, unlike some games I've played on here.