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Reviews by Waerlinga

Review for The Four Elements
07 Oct 2016
I really like the game and the puzzles themselves where fairly easy and quite good for a short and fun game. However, I have to agree with Crispix, it honestly is a game of guess the verb. I lost count on how many different versions of place wood in hearth, use oil on wood, use matches on oil I tried. maybe it was just me, the others seemed to find that one quite easy.
Anyways - Aside from the verb-troubles a very sweet little game.

Review for Blight of Elantria
23 Feb 2016
Ok, so the storyline is pretty nice, i like the setting and the map (although all the running around becomes a little annoying after a while)
Also I never would have thought of some of the actions since even now, knowing them from the walkthrough, they seem pretty random.
So yeah, all in all an interesting story, with a couple of very good but also a couple of very difficult and illogical riddles/solutions and lots of running around.

Sidenote: I don't know maybe its got something to with my computer or whatever but for me the game was buggy as hell. I had to do things over and over again, objects didn't show up in my inventory when i took them, and actions i'd already done became undone (like having to clear the rocks away each time i got there, getting a new (or rather the same bone) for the wolf each time i wanted to go to the palace and worst of all, even though I rang the bell and hadn't gotten my hearing back yet i still died in the echo chamber.)