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Review for The Walking Dead
06 Apr 2016
With only a couple of grammatical errors going against it, this is a great zombie story, and I wish that it was continued.

The Walking Dead, as written by Robert Kirkman's 3 year old child. This is just unplayable.
Also, I'm not sure what country you studied in, but that is not how you write speech.

"You: Hey, my girl. You going to school?"
This is halfway between a transcript and an illiterate ape writing a novel. It's either:

You: Hey, my girl...
"Hey, my girl..." you say/said.
The "you" does not go in the speech marks, and if you're using speech marks, you do not put in the colon.

06 Apr 2016
Adapting the comic book to this form comes with a lot of problems:

1. You're making content available for free when it shouldn't be.
2. Whatever software has been used for this is awful. It doesn't work, and you end up having to reload and replay the entire thing just to be able to click an option.

Thank god this abomination wasn't continued or picked up by more people.

I'm not sure where to even start. The English is worse than my dyslexic 12 year old cousin's, the added in artwork looks like it was done by a 4 year old, there doesn't seem to be any actual story, just "And then we go here, and then we go there". In short, unless this was written by a 4 year old as a project for school (which it wasn't, most 4 year olds don't do zombie stories), this is complete shite.

Review for The Walking Dead
06 Apr 2016
Couldn't even get past the first decision before the idiocy became overwhelming.

"You waited to long you die too bad :)"

get your grammar sorted, and don't add in the death ending to the option that *doesn't* have me fighting off several walkers at once with my bare hands.