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Review for The Last Detective
19 Aug 2005
It was appauling! And yes, it only allowed me to play for 2 minutes. I couldn't examine or look at objects, speak to people and what have you.

I've been playing single player text games since the 90's and then MUDs since 95. Hmm that's a DECADE. Wow, so yes, I do know what I'm talking about.

Two hours worth of game play? BS, b*tch. You want to see a real game go to 4 Dimensions. If you don't know how to get there, try www.mudconnector.com and find it in the Listings. That will put your sorry game into perspective.

Review for The Last Detective
15 Aug 2005
There were A LOT of bugs. I'm upset that there is no west, east, north, south, out commands.

This was perhaps well thought out, but the Harry Potter deal and then the mispellings, and lack of control made this game horrendous.

Do not play it. It's not worth the 2 minutes it allows you to play.