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I will give the author credit for taking the time to add thought out descriptions to the rooms and objects and let's not forget the storyline itself. The descriptions were just a tad too descriptive. Instead of getting into the game, everything I looked at was a story in itself.

It was somewhat humorous. Not quite as funny as I was expecting after reading the other ratings.

I don't mean to be picky, but I cannot give this game a 5. A 4 is plenty fair enough given that you HAVE to spell out the entire real name of the object if you want to interact with it. Example, why can't I look at "truck"? Why does the game not understand that and forces you to type "look at pickup truck". I'm a fast typist but it's annoying to have to type it out while playing a game for enjoyment.

That being said and after how everyone loved this game, you guys are going to drool over mine coming out soon.