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Review for One Eye Open
24 Jul 2016
INCREDIBLY well written. An immense amount of painstaking detail and imagery really made me feel like I was there, and added to the urgency of each task that needed to be completed. Also, delightfully complex I had to use the hint and concentration features several times and reaching the first ending still took me a great deal of time. Would love to go back and explore the other endings as well, as the one I arrived at was a pleasantly frustrating resolution that left me feeling as if I could have done better (in a good way). While these elements made it long and difficult, that's what I look for in a game like this, I don't want there to be a clear cut path for me to follow, and one simple and satisfying resolution. Intensely creepy and horrifyingly vivid images were rampant throughout each scene that truly made me nervous to play this game while alone. The only criticism at all that I have for this game is that now I'll be sad to play anything else as it will pale in comparison to the masterful writing and organization of this game. Well done!